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All information provided must be accurate. Any false or deliberately misleading information given in support of your application may render the application invalid and could lead to the withdrawal of an offer of a school place. During the admission process for 2016, several investigations were held.  As a result, the Authority withdrew places where parents had either not provided a correct address or had given false information in order to gain admission to their preferred school.

You must consult and agree with any other persons who have parental responsibility for this child, before submitting the application. You may be required to provide evidence that this is the case.  We will not become involved in any disputes which must be settled privately.

It is your responsibility to provide any additional information you wish to be considered with your application, such as baptism certificates or evidence relating to your medical or social circumstances.  This should be emailed to, or posted to Schools Admissions and Transport Service, 2 Staffordshire Place, Tipping Street, Stafford, ST16 2DH.

Failure to provide the correct information may result in a delay processing your application or affect the outcome.

You must notify the School Admissions and Transport Service if there are any changes to your circumstances, that would materially affect your application after you have submitted it (for example if you move address).  If your circumstances change and you do not notify us and a school place is allocated using incorrect information, this could lead to the withdrawal of the offer.

Please ensure that you submit your application by the closing date. Failure to submit your application on time could lead to your child being disadvantaged when places are allocated at your preferred school.

By submitting this application, you are confirming that you have:

  • consulted with any other persons who have parental responsibility for this child;
  • read all the accompanying information contained within Staffordshire County Council's website very carefully;
  • provided any supportive evidence required to assess your application against the preferred school's admission criteria.
  • completed any necessary supplementary forms.

Data Protection The data provided in this application will be used in our central database in order for the Local Authority to carry out the functions for which it is responsible. It may also be shared with other agencies and service providers to ensure that your child receives an appropriate service.  The full data protection statement can be found on the website.